Figures for the French Méharistes

Just saw these pop up. Along with the existing range there are some nice figures now able to model a French Méharistes force for use in The Abyssinian Crisis. Produced by Unfeasibly Miniatures and sold by Black Hat Miniatures they do look rather ‘in period’.


There are now 8 individual figures for the warriors and some very nice ‘resting camels’ that look great. The command pack is equally nice and some Legion horse for good measure.

The Méharistes list is reasonably straight forward, given it is made up primarily of these ‘sons of the desert’ soldiers along with some MMG support and a few vehicles. Player’s could now go close to fielding this force as its own unique platoon in CoC- Abyssinia and off course can field them in North Africa as well in their fight against the Berbers.

Good work Unfeasibly Miniatures/Black Hat Miniatures…very period specific and thematic.


Nice one…






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