20mm Italians, c.1935



I happened upon this post which slipped by my casual perusal of TMP.  It announced a new range of figures that fit perfectly for The Abyssinian Crisis, which will in fact be using the Chain of Command army lists for organising/packaging and some design aspects of the figure range.

These figure look absolutely brilliant and will be must a have for Italian players of this period and totally usable into WW2. They look very much like the images of the period and actually are the most characterful Italians in any scale IMHO.

Hopefully a solid 20mm selection of Abyssinian Chitet, Mehal Sefari and Ethiopian Imperial Guard will follow to give TAC gamers a full suite of figures to choose from and make EWM for this period the one-stop shop to field all the forces needed. A quick look at the EWM range shows that the Vickers Independent tank and Vickers Mark III medium tank are available so they can be used in the Abyssinian Armoured Field Force. The Vickers Carden Loyd is also in the range along with the a number of French vehicles all totally usable. British Mk II mediums and Light tanks would expand the range nicely if they were added and truly make the20mm option the most viable from a ‘completeness’ point of view.

It would appear that this may very well be ‘the range’ to do this period in…a real option  to 28mm…competition is here!

Below are some pics of the characterful figures on offer and some chat about the growing miniatures range .

Early War Miniatures Facebook and their website

The Miniatures Page chat

Nice work Early War Miniatures

20mm EWM 1